The Indianapolis Women’s Chorus Empowering Women and Transforming Communities Through Song

Since 1994, The Indianapolis Women’s Chorus has welcomed women of “all races, faiths, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender expressions.”  The stated mission of the group of approximately 50 singers is “to embody musical excellence and the power of women and song to transform communities.”  The chorus performs music from various traditions that gives voice to the experience of women past and present while creating a singing community that “uses song and harmony to enable each woman to grow personally, musically, and within her community.”

In addition to the two or three annual concerts, the group has cultivated a visible presence in the community.  They have performed at the Indiana Women’s Prison, the Madame (C.J.) Walker Theatre, the RCA Tennis Championships, and Indiana Fever basketball games.  They have also participated in events sponsored by GALA (the Gay and Lesbian Association of choruses), the Sister Singers Network, the National Women’s Music Festival, and the National Women's Conference of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  

A chorister who joined IWC over ten years ago when dealing with personal and family health crises described her experience by saying, "If I were to survive and be of help to my loved ones, I knew music had to be an essential part of my life. My favorite part of belonging to IWC is listening to all the beautiful voices singing around me.  IWC is always evolving, expanding, seizing the moment to bring healing through music to our community and ourselves, then rippling out across Mother Earth."